Recommended Courses

Kaifu sightseeing locations (1night 2days)

*Minami town, Mugi town, Kaiyo town course

Spot 01 : Yakuōji Temple

This is the 23rd temple of the 88 Shikoku pilgrimage.
It is famous for expelling evil spirits and is the last pilgrimage temple in Tokushima.

Spot 02 : Sea Turtle Museum, “Caretta”

Spot 03 : Tebajima Island

The only way to reach here is by boat.
It is a small island in which time passes slowly, and no cars run.
Unique architecture and a handcart will take you back to old Japan.

Spot 04 : Awa-Kainan bunkamura

You can view the Kaifu sword, other swords and body armor.
You can also enjoy Awa indigo dyeing and woodwork making.

Spot 05 : Todoroki Falls

Spot 06 : Takegashima Marine Park (The Blue Marine tourist boat)