About Tokushima

Tokushima Prefecture, on the eastern side of the island of Shikoku, is connected to mainland Japan by the Akashi-Kaikyo and Naruto Bridges, and can be reached from Osaka in two and a half hours by highway bus.
Tokushima is home of the world-famous Awa Dance festival and abounds in beautiful natural scenery.

Getting to Tokushima

Airplane (JAL,ANA)

About 1 hours and 20 minutes (10 flights a day)

  1. Tokyo

  2. Tokushima

Ferries (Ocean Tokyu Ferry)

About 18 hours (one crossing a day)

  1. Tokyo Port

  2. Tokushima port

Highway Bus(Tokushima Bus ,JR Shikoku Bus, Kaifu Kanko)

About 9 hours and 40 minutes (4 services a day)

  1. Tokyo

  2. Kosoku-naruto

  3. Matsushige

  4. Tokushima



Nankai Ferry

Tel 088-636-0750
Details http://www.nankai-ferry.co.jp/

Ocean Tokyu Ferry

Tel 088-622-0489
Details https://www.otf.jp/english-page/


Highway Bus

Tokushima Bus service

Tel 088-622-1826
Details http://www.tokubus.co.jp/

Shikoku Kotsu Bus service

Tel 0883-72-1231
Details http://www.yonkoh.co.jp/

JR Bus service

Tel 088-602-1090
Details https://japanbusonline.com/en