Recommended Courses

  • Typical Tokushima sightseeing locations (1 night 2 days)

  • Iya – major 3 rarely-visited areas in Japan

  • 3 hour walking course from JR Tokushima Sta.

  • Half day course using the sightseeing bus from JR Awa-Ikeda Sta.

    The time required:Departure time 11:30 >>Arrival time 16:20
    With lunch
  • 2 hour walking course starting from road station “Udatsu”

  • Culture and traditional handicrafts of Tokushima

  • Half day course using the city bus from JR Naruto Sta.

  • Kaifu sightseeing locations (1night 2days)

    *Minami town, Mugi town, Kaiyo town course
  • Southern Awa sightseeing locations (1night 2days)

    *Anan city, Naka town course