Immerse yourself in an ancient world surrounded by natural splendor

  1. Waki-machi Udatsu Townscape


    Waki-machi, which has many canals and once prospered as a merchant town, still has a townscape that was designated an important preservation district of historic buildings. What make it stand out are its fire walls called "Udatsu," a symbol of prosperity.

  2. 40 min. by car

  3. Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis


    This is a comprehensive leisure facility with hot-spring baths, lodging, a food court, and a souvenir shop. Highlights include the natural scenery of the four seasons and mysterious, curiously shaped rocks.

  4. 45 min. by car

  5. Iya Valley


    This is a scenic spot affording an unbroken view of the flow of the Iya River and the mountains of the valley. Because the widely meandering Iya River looks like the hiragana letter "hi," the spot is known as the Hinoji Valley (valley of the letter "hi").

  6. 20 min. by car

  7. Vine Bridges in the Iya Valley (Iya-no-Kazurabashi)


    This is a 45 meter long, 2 meter wide bridge suspended across a ravine 14 meters above the surface of the water below. It was made by weaving the Actinidia arguta that grows wild, and is rebuilt by hand by residents once every three years. The thrill of crossing a swaying suspension bridge and the beauty of the ravine are a real pleasure.

  8. 20 min. by car

  9. Oboke-Koboke


    Over 200 million years, the torrent of the Yoshino River carved out this gorge full of gigantic and intriguingly shaped cliffs and boulders. With its magnificent scenery in every season, this is a must-see.

  10. Oboke Gorge Sightseeing Cruise Boat


    This cruise boat, which travels down the gorge at a leisurely pace, is one of the highlights of Oboke-Koboke sightseeing. The ride lasts around 30 minutes.

  11. 5-30 min. by car

  12. Hot Springs at Oboke and Iya


    Oboke and Iya are one of Tokushima Prefecture's premier onsen (natural hot spring) areas, with several different varieties of mineral-rich hot water welling up. Enjoy many unique baths such as an open-air bath at the bottom of the gorge, a panoramic open-air bath reached by cable car, and a bathhouse with a splendid view of the entire gorge.