Machi★Asobi is a collection of entertaining anime and game events for fully enjoying Tokushima and attracts anime fans from in and out of Japan.

Awa Dance(Awa Odori)

The Awa Dance has become known throughout the world as one of Japan's representative traditional performances.The origins of this popular dance can be traced back to 1586, when the Tokushima Domain was first founded by Hachisuka Iemasa. It is known as an era when indigo dye, salt, and other valuable items were accumulated in large amounts. Indigo merchants would contribute to the Awa Dance to make it an even more spectacular event every year.This lead to the dance becoming established amongst regular society, starting as a free-form of mass entertainment. It continued to develop through being performed at the end of battles as a striking way to signify revival.

Vine Bridges in the Iya Valley

This ancient vine bridge is suspended between a valley, surrounded on both sides of by ancient forest, slowly swaying in the breeze.With its shadow reflecting against the clear waters of the Iya River, the bridge is in total harmony with nature throughout the four seasons, creating a truly beautiful sight.The vine bridge has been maintained by the village people for generations, and gives visitors an insight into how people in the region lived in the past.

The Shikoku Pilgrimage

The Shikoku Pilgrimage was first created by the Buddhist monk Kukai approximately 1,200 years ago. It features 88 different temples, including rare and magnificent examples of temples.

Whirlpools in Naruto

Large whirlpools occur in the Naruto strait situated between Awaji island and Magosaki in Naruto city, caused by the ebb and flow of the tides. The whirlpools are at their largest in Spring and Autumn during the high tides, and the roar they give off as they mix together is an experience that no tourist can afford to miss. The Naruto Strait is known as one of the world's 3 largest tides.