Forge deeper into unexplored regions

  1. Hachigo-kiri Unkai(Sea of Clouds)


    A majestic sea of clouds over Iya Valley can be seen in the early morning when the seasons are changing, from spring to summer, summer to autumn and so on, with major temperature variations. To get to the observation deck where you can see the sea of clouds, booking a taxi at your accommodations is recommended.

  2. 50 min. by car

  3. Ochiai Village


    Dozens of old houses cling to a steep slope with an altitude differential of 390 m. This is a nationally designated Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. You can get a panoramic view of the village from the observation deck on the opposite slope.

  4. 25 min. by car

  5. Nagoro, the scarecrow village


    Nagoro Village in the Iya district is famous for having more scarecrows than people. More than 100 scarecrows, created by locals, are doing farm work and standing around chatting.

  6. 5 min. by car

  7. Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridges


    Like the "vine bridge of Iya," is a bridge of woven vines, but here two bridges extend side by side. Next to the bridge is a ropeway you operate yourself by pulling a rope, which is known as the "Wild Monkey."