Find fascinating hideaways

  1. Omatsu Daigongen Shrine


    This shrine is famous for a legend of a supernatural cat, and is nicknamed Nekogami-sama (lit. "cat god"). A variety of cat statues can be seen around the shrine, and around 10,000 auspicious Beckoning Cat figures offered to the shrine are displayed. People often come to pray for good test scores and success in other pass/fail endeavors.

  2. 15 min. by car

  3. Tairyuji Ropeway


    This ropeway leads to Tairyuji, the 21st temple on the Shikoku pilgrimage route. At 2.7 km it is the longest in Western Japan, taking about 10 minutes to reach the summit 600 m above sea level. There is a spectacular view of the mountains spreading out below.

  4. 40 min. by car

  5. Aioi Farmers Market


    Local homemade items are available. A local Japanese sweet called hangoroshi, with sweet red bean paste enfolded in rice and sprinkled with soy flour, is a popular favorite. The name sounds violent (lit. "to half-kill"), but it actually means the rice is half-smooshed to make it soft.