Recommended Courses

Explore the nature, culture, and traditions of Naruto, home of the whirlpool

Spot 01 : Uzu-no-Michi Walkway / Whirlpools Sightseeing Boat

The Naruto Strait has the best eddying current in the world, producing whirlpools up to 20 meters in diameter. A walkway over the strait allows visitors to see the whirlpools below through a transparent floor. Also, riding on a sightseeing boat that gives close-up views of the whirlpools is a spectacular experience.

5 min. by car


This museum exhibits Western paintings beautifully reproduced on ceramic, with the same size, color, texture, paint thickness and brushwork as the originals. More than 1,000 masterpieces are on view, and you are welcome to take photos with them.

30 min. by car

Spot 03 : Sake Brewery tours

The sake brewery that lines this street is 200 years old and still follows traditional production methods. Tours of the brewery is available by reservation.