Enjoy Tokushima-City,the sparkle of an aquatic city

  1. Hyotanjima Tour Boat


    This is a roughly 30 minute cruise touring a river in central Tokushima City. Passengers can enjoy the scenery of the city from the boat. When the boat passes under a low bridge, it's quite thrilling. Operating hours are extended in summer, so it's perfect for cooling off in the evening.

  2. 5 min. by car

  3. Bizan Ropeway


    With its beautiful form, Mount Bizan is a symbol of Tokushima City. You can reach the summit in about 6 minutes via the ropeway. From the top there is a panoramic view, and it's especially breathtaking at night.

  4. 1 min. on foot

  5. Awa Odori Kaikan


    Here visitors can enjoy the Awa Odori dance, a summer staple in Tokushima, throughout the year. Dance performances are put on in a hall inside this facility almost every day, and you can not only see them close up, but also try doing the dance yourself!