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Tairyuji Ropeway

This is the longest ropeway in western Japan, with a large car that holds 101 passengers. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the mountain ridge that holds Tairyuji temple, the 21st on the Shikoku pilgrimage circuit. There is a pleasant walking trail along the ridge.


Hours 7:20 - 17:00 (March to November)
8:00~17:00 (December to February)
* Every 20 mins regular service (start on the clock, 20 and 40 minutes past every hour)
Closed Open year round
Fee Adult: 2,470 yen (round trip), 1,300 yen (one way)
High and junior high school student: 1,800 yen (round trip), 980 yen (one way)
Elementary school student: 1,200yen (round trip), 650 yen (one way)
*Children who have not entered elementary school are admitted for free with an adult ticket.
Access Take the Tokushima Bus or at the route bus terminal in JR Tokushima Stn. (approx. 1 hr 20 mins). Get off at the bus stop "Wajikihigashi" then walk for 15 minutes.
Address 76 Aza Tano, Wajikigo, Naka-cho, Naka-gun



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