Explore the Profound World of Japan’s Brewing Culture! -Naruto Sake Story-

Nestled in the valley countryside of Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku Island lies the Sake Brewery Narutotai (Honke Matsuura Brewery).
Located along the Muya Kaido Road, the brewery has flourished as an important location since the Edo period and still continues operations over 200 years later. While making the most of the area's blessings, they devote themselves to traditional sake brewing.

Visit the brewery and experience firsthand the passion, skill, and depth that goes into sake brewing. Explore nearby locations that have close ties to the brewery, including a soy sauce brewery, a temple, an Otaniyaki pottery workshop, and more as you discover the hidden depths of Naruto's history. Of course, make sure to take time to enjoy chatting with the various people you will meet along the way.

The "Naruto Sake Story" is a tourism project that gives shape to the aspirations of the area in a way that will preserve them for a long time to come.

Heading to the brewery by train

The journey from Tokushima Station by train takes approximately 15 minutes. Located along an old and tranquil country road lies the brewery, where the brewer will be waiting to welcome you. They will first introduce you to the area's long history, rich natural environment, buildings built over 200 years ago, and more. At a temple that has served as the focal point of the community for over 1,000 years and which has deep ties to the sake brewery, a monk will invite you to explore the mysterious world of Buddhism.

Experiencing firsthand the culture of the sake brewery and soy sauce brewery

Finally, it is time to delve into the core of this project - the traditional brewing culture of a Japanese sake brewery and soy sauce brewery. This tour program allows you to visit breweries that are normally closed to the public, allowing you to witness the brewing process, filled with long-inherited techniques, close up. While listening to the brewer's explanation, you will be able to taste a myriad of different Japanese sake and soy sauces. Experience the subtle differences in flavor and aroma that are brought about by slight differences in ingredients and production methods, and discover your personal favorites.

Relaxing and enjoying the Naruto scenery at the hotel

The hotel offers a beautiful view of the Naruto Strait, a symbol of Naruto. Here you can relax and enjoy the leisurely flow of time.

Making your own unique pottery (Otaniyaki pottery)

The following day, a short walk from the sake/soy sauce breweries will take you to a pottery kiln that creates and supports the business of large earthenware pots that are essential for Tokushima's traditional industry of "aizome indigo dyeing". Visitors are able to sculpt the clay and use their imaginations to create their own original pottery piece.

Dinner with the brewer - a splendid marriage of food and sake

The climax of the tour features a private fusion dinner served by a personal chef, taking place in a special room of the over 200-year-old main building of the sake brewery. Motoko Matsuura, the 10th generation brewer of the Honke Matsuura Brewery, will join you for dinner, providing a wide-array of Japanese sake that prove for a perfect marriage with the meal - a course that features dishes made with plenty of local ingredients.

Come enjoy the Naruto Sake Story!

Our hope is that, through this tour, guests will get a full sense of the Naruto Sake Story, as well as have the chance to weave their own story. We hope that the story will continue to grow, and that guests will be excited to return.

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