Muslim-Friendly Restaurants (Halal Food)

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Oyatsu Shop BUBU

Open 11:00–14:30, 17:00–21:30
Close Mondays


Foreign Languages Available English
Services Available in Foreign Language Multilingual staff
Address 18-5 Sakoniban-cho, Tokushima City



Tel 088-625-2922

Muslim-Friendly Services (facilities)

Halal certification Not certified

Muslim-Friendly Services (food)

Muslim-friendly menus Partly
Booking in advance Not required  
Muslim owners or chefs No
Details ・No pork is used.
・Exclusive room
・Menus with photos of dishes
・Menus with ingredients and/or pictograms
・English speaking staff initially check with overseas customers what they cannot eat and their allergies. Qibla indicators, rental mats and setting partitions are available for prayer space. A washroom is available for ritual washing.