Tokushima Prefecture Product Association

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Open 9:00-20:00
Close Year end and New Year's Day (Dec. 28–Jan. 1), Awa Odori Kaikan facility maintenance days

Facility Information

Payment Methods Credit card
Ginren card
Duty Free Store Permit acquired
Address 2-20 Shinmachibashi, Tokushima City

Muslim-Friendly Services (facilities)

Halal certification Certified
Halal-Certified Products Organic citrus drink Sussussu, Yuzu salt, Organic Awa Bancha tea, Bururun Jere (citrus yuko and sudachi jelly), Yuzurikko (yuzu products), Yuzu tea, Ao-Yuzurikkosho, Aka-Yuzurikkosho (seasoning with chili and yuzu), Yuzu peel tea, Sudachi peel tea
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