Terms & Conditions

  1. The photos can be used for free in the following circumstances: for travel agencies to create travel products for Tokushima Prefecture; for those involved with the media to use in magazines, newspapers, etc.; for printed materials that feature PR for Tokushima tourism; or to promote tourism in the prefecture.
  2. The photos may not be used for postcards, photo books, and other items that are deemed to have commercial value.
  3. When making use of the photos, please send us a copy of the finished product to the “inquires” address written below.
    * For websites, please send us a link. For newspapers, TV appearances, etc. please also send us the publication/broadcast date.
  4. The photos may differ from the actual location at the current time. Please use them as images.
  5. Editing and processing (secondary processing) of the photos is allowed, however, please keep it to a minimum and do not make any edits that are not related to tourism promotion purposes.
  6. All photos are copyright of Tokushima Prefecture or the consent of the copyright holder has been obtained. Even with permission to use the photos for a single purpose, it does not void the copyright.
  7. Tokushima Prefecture will not be involved in image rights.
  8. Any use of the photos that is against public order and morals, infringes on copyright, is slanderous, is used for political or religious reasons, or is linked to criminal activities is prohibited.
  9. Use of the photos (including secondary processed photos) to be sold, passed out to, transferred to, loaned to, or sent to a third party, or to be used by a third party is prohibited.
  10. Once you copy or download one of the photos, it is deemed that you have agreed to the usage conditions.
  11. Use of the photos is the responsibility of the user. If any damage results from use of the photos, Tokushima Prefecture takes no responsibility.
  12. If you have any questions, please contact the below number/email.
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