The entire town engulfed in anime! A dream-like event for anime fans from all across the country

Shinmachibashi Higashi Park Stage

Live performances and talk shows with many singers and voice-actors will be held on the Shinmachi-bashi Higashi Park Stage, with the Shinmachi River behind it. During these three days, fans from all across Japan will gather here.

Mt. Bizan Summit Stage (only during this festival in Autumn)

Live performances and talk shows by popular voice-actors will be held on a special stage set up on the summit of Mt. Bizan, a symbol of Tokushima. Let’s head for the Mt. Bizan summit while listening to the ropeway guidance by popular voice actors, exclusive to Machi Asobi!

Shinmachi Boardwalk

Lined with a variety of stalls, including those by anime-related manufacturers, this boardwalk will be host to spontaneous autograph sessions, sales of limited edition merchandise, and talk shows!
In a sense, this might best stand for what “Machi★Asobi" is all about.

Under the Bridge Museums (only during spring)

A spring highlight during the Machi★Asobi event. While cruising along the Shinmachi River stretching across the center of Tokushima City, enjoy giant anime-related curtains and posters hanging on the underside of bridges.

Tokushima Gourmet Hunt (only during autumn)

Restaurants participating in the "Tokushima Gourmet Hunt" will provide special Machi Asobi anime postcards when you order their Machi Asobi feature menu items and recommended items. So let’s eat up all the “Machi” gourmet dishes of Tokushima.

Itasha Car Show

It is quite a sight to see the many anime-decorated cars, the “Ita-sha,” lined up on the red carpet in the shopping district.

Cosplay Fashion Show

On the red carpet spread across the Higashi-Shinmachi shopping district, many cosplayers will walk down the catwalk to show off their costumes. Cameras are allowed at this event, and even passers-by will want to take pictures.

Ufotable CINEMA

During Machi★Asobi, aside from the anime film screenings, many talk shows by anime producers and creators will be held. There are merchandise shops, where you might find a rare item!


Locations such as Tokushima Awaodori Airport and JR Tokushima Station will be entirely covered in anime posters and curtains.