Muslim-Friendly Restaurants (Halal Food)

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Tokushima Shinsen Nattoku Ichi

Open 11:00–21:00
Close Occasional closures


Foreign Languages Available English,Korean
Services Available in Foreign Language Menus
Facility guide signs
Payment Methods Credit card
Address 2-14 Higashiokinosu, Tokushima City



Tel 088-676-3335

Muslim-Friendly Services (facilities)

Halal certification Not certified

Muslim-Friendly Services (food)

Muslim-friendly menus Partly
Booking in advance Required   (Required for2people or more at least7days in advance)
Muslim owners or chefs No
Details ・Halal meat is used.
・No pork is used.
・No alcohol is used.
・Halal seasonings are used.
・Exclusive cookware/plates are used.
・Menus with photos of dishes
・Menus with ingredients and/or pictograms
・Takeaway,foods, etc. made in own Halal certified factory (certified by Nippon Asia Halal Association) are available.