Muslim-Friendly Restaurants (Halal Food)

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Tokushima Shinsen Nattoku Ichi

Open 11:00–21:00
Close Occasional closures


Foreign Languages Available English,Korean
Services Available in Foreign Language Menus
Facility guide signs
Payment Methods Credit card
Address 2-14 Higashiokinosu, Tokushima City



Tel 088-676-3335

Muslim-Friendly Services (facilities)

Halal certification Not certified

Muslim-Friendly Services (food)

Muslim-friendly menus Partly
Booking in advance Required   (Required for 2 people or more at least 7 days in advance)
Muslim owners or chefs No
Details ・Halal meat is used.
・No pork is used.
・No alcohol is used.
・Halal seasonings are used.
・Exclusive cookware/plates are used.
・Menus with photos of dishes
・Menus with ingredients and/or pictograms
・Takeaway,foods, etc. made in own Halal certified factory (certified by Nippon Asia Halal Association) are available.